Brand Ambassador Program

Fun Central are looking for a variety of customers to help promote our brand across social media, mainly focusing on Instagram. We are looking for people who can make exciting and relevant content and will reward them for their individuality and enthusiasm.

To be a brand ambassador you: 

  • Must have a public Instagram account with a reasonable amount of followers
  • May have additional You tube channels, blogs and Facebook accounts.
  • be prepared to post content on a regular basis
  • Posts must be positive and reflect Fun Centrals Values
  • can create visually stimulating content

Rewards for brand ambassadors:

  • Each successful applicant will be rewarded with a one hour time card to review and use to create media with.
  • A monthly allowance of Fun coins to spend.
  • Chance to increase your monthly allowances with check ins, videos, pictures, reviews and sharing
  • The more involvement = more freebies.
  • Special one off brand ambassador events
  • Brand Ambassador of the month awards to win extra Fun Coins, based on stimulating and original content.
  • Each brand ambassador will have the chance to earn more Fun coins with the more posts they do. At the end of the month each brand ambassador will be rewarded an allowance depending on their post levels.

Rewards set out for Brand Ambassadors

Every month each brand ambassador will receive 50 fun Coins (providing they have hit the minimum post criteria)

The minimum post criteria is 2 instagram posts with relevant hashtags.

Depending on how much content each brand ambassador provides they can achieve extra Fun Coins on top of their minimum rate.

Ways to earn more coins:

  • Trip advisor reviews – 10 fun coins (max 1 per 3 months)
  • Facebook Check ins – 10 Fun Coins (max 1 per week)
  • Additional Instagram posts – 20 Fun Coins (max 5 per month)
  • Facebook Posts – 20 Fun Coins (max 4 per month)
  • You tube videos – 30 Fun Coins (max 4 per month)
  • Referring a successful brand ambassador – 100 Fun coins (1 per 3 months)

We will also be holding a special closed door event to allow our brand ambassadors chance to create content and show our gratitude for their work.

We could also hold a ‘brand ambassador of the month’ contest which rewards on best content or amount of likes.

Terms and Conditions: 

  • Brand ambassadors must meet the minimum posts per month to be able to receive prizes.
  • If brand ambassador is inactive for 3 months in a row we will remove them from our program
  • Fun Central has the right to remove any brand Ambassadors from the program if producing inappropriate content.
  • Posts must adhere to Fun Centrals Terms and Conditions
  • If someone is unsuccessful with their application as a brand ambassador they can reapply after 3 months.
  • Anyone under 16 years old needs written permission from their parent/guardian.

How to claim your Fun Coins: 

At the end of the month Brand Ambassadors need to send an email to with links and screen shots of that month’s content which Fun Central can review and issue a voucher for your earned amount. You will also receive emails with the latest news and updates which you can base your posts around.

If you feel this is something you can help promote and commit too, please email to apply and we can organise a 1-hour time card for you to create your content!

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